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PROmesh, LLC is your Leading Partner for Industrial Managed Switches & Condition Monitoring Solutions


PROmesh represents the first product series of high-performance "diagnostic industrial switches" on the market. For the first time, the symbiosis of network performance, diagnostics and monitoring unites the demands of modern electro-construction and effective, predictive maintenance of automation and industrial plants. Discover the advantages of PROmesh!

  • Integrated network monitoring functions with notification
    Keep an eye on the status of your system or network section - seamlessly, traceable at all times

  • Integrated diagnostic functions
    Localize fault sources - without additional measuring devices or loss of time due to manual measuring efforts

  • Performance-oriented industrial switch technology
    Ready for future-oriented requirements for the increasing data volume in ever more complex machine/hall networks

  • Integrated web interface
    Enjoy full access to monitoring and diagnostic data - even without additional software


WHY INspektor® NT ?

The EtherNet/IP-INspektor® and PROFINET-INspektor® NT are important diagnostic tools for certification, commissioning and inspection of new installed PROFINET networks. Depending on the pre-defined trigger functions the events are registered in the INspektor® and summed up and stored per device. Hereby, the INspektor® detects quality values like network load, data throughput, refresh rate, telegram gaps and telegram jitter, that mirror the current status of communication quality. These parameters serve as commissioning and inspection criteria for new installations, but also as important information for maintenance and (remote) service.


Network Planning & Optimazation

Powerful networks as the basis for industrial digitalization

Whether trouble-free plant operation or connecting several plant networks and/or network levels (OT / IIT / IT) - your network forms the base for any (data) communication. So what is important when planning such a reliable industrial network?

Whether new or existing system: every network is different

Despite basic, common characteristics and functions, networks differ due to individual local requirements. For this reason, network solutions "off the shelf" must be adapted to the given applications and conditions in order to work reliably and efficiently.

As specialists for industrial communication networks, we support plant constructors and operators in planning, commissioning and operating modern industrial networks. In addition to the development of tailor-made network solutions for new plants, we offer the testing and optimisation of existing plant networks.

From fieldbus to network planning and optimization, let our experience from yesterday be your advantage for tomorrow!



Our Partners

PROmesh Switches and Indu-Sol's Condition Monitoring Solutions are currently being implemented by our worldwide partners, spanning 6 continents and 42 countries. Learn how PROmesh can secure and strengthen your industrial network, reduce costs and prevent downtime. 

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